CES is best-known for spectacles like roll-up TVs, foldable displays, and ping-pong-playing robots. But beyond all the eye candy, the tech industry’s annual trade show in Las Vegas brings plenty of smaller-scale innovations. These are the ideas that will actually matter to people, in large part because they’ll show up in real products that you can buy at reasonable prices.

Here are some of the cleverest ideas I saw at CES 2019:

Accessory vendor iOttie already makes a clever car mount for smartphones with arms that collapse into place with the press of a button. Its new Auto Sense car mount requires even less effort: Just drop your phone into the cradle, and a pair of motorized arms will clamp down around the phone’s sides, holding it securely in place while providing a wireless charge. You can then press the release buttons on the mount’s sides to open the arms up again. The Auto Sense mount will ship in Q2 for $55.

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