Whether you are renovating an entire room, looking to repaint, redecorating or simply in search of the perfect sofa, a minor change can become a major project. But, it doesn’t need to be. Here are seven apps for your Smartphone (and two that are web only) which can make these projects much easier. If you want to save time, money or simply do things in the most efficient way possible, these apps are true game changers.

Sometimes you want the eye and help of an interior designer but time, your location or budget will not allow for it. That’s where Havenly comes in. You can use the services of an interior designer entirely through Havenly’s app and website for far less than the cost of hiring someone to help you in person. There are different packages available costing from $19-$179. Havenly’s designers can help with everything from refreshing a bedroom to a true renovation project that involves construction.

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