As the owner of a visual graphics company, branding is my business. It’s my job to counsel customers on getting the right look for their brands and provide the latest innovations to get them there. Branding is crucial for all businesses no matter the size of the company. If you’re planning a brand refresh, consider the essentials outlined below.


Let’s talk branding essentials.


At its core, a company’s branding should tell consumers who the company is and what it values. It is imperative that companies create distinct, effective imagery and messaging that is consistent with the brand’s core identity. A consistent look and feel is key to making a brand stick in people’s memories.


Over time, consumers will begin to recognize the brand when they see consistency in ads, marketing collateral, websites, social media marketing, vehicle marketing or event marketing. Consumers engage with brands they recognize and trust. A consistent brand identity makes consumers feel that a brand is dependable. They know what to expect from the organization and that makes them feel safe.


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